StayIN aLIVE is a long-term, sustainable platform for artists to nurture, strengthen, and support each other. It is a collaborative effort that aims to give back to the live arts and performance industry in a time of great need, and hopes to create a movement of self-sufficiency within the industry.

StayIN aLIVE was initiated by a group of individuals who share a common belief - that the arts are essential to human life.

The collective comprises Art X Company, Alok Parande, Artist Aadmi, Big Bang Music, Gully Gang, Kommune, KWAN, OML Entertainment, Paytm Insider, Priyanka Khimani, Shark&Ink, Tabhrasa, Tarsame Mittal Talent Management, Tape A Tale, Unmute, and Women of India.

The StayIN aLIVE Artist Emergency Fund (SAAEF) has been created to alleviate the severe financial challenges faced by artists in the live entertainment sector due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The pandemic has put a stop to several major projects and cultural events, leading to a total paralysis of the industry and artists are amongst the most vulnerable and affected of communities. In order to help artists tide over this period, StayIN aLIVE has created a Personal Emergency Fund that aims to address specific financial challenges as a stop-gap measure.

This emergency fund is not intended as a grant pool to support long-term artistic projects or to develop work. The grants will range from small cash disbursements, to reimbursements for certain types of urgent expenses (such as rent, critical bills, etc.) and utility payments to third parties. Individuals can apply for the grant more than once with a gap of 60 days between two grant cycles. One grant cycle roughly covers 4 weeks and may not follow a monthly calendar.

Grant amounts under this fund will be capped at INR 20,000 per grantee in each grant round.

SAAEF grants will cover unexpected expenses directly resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. This includes the following categories of needs:

> Loss of Employment and Income (as a result of cancelled confirmed engagements, shows, or opportunities (i.e. commissions, performances, contracts) due to COVID-19 precautionary measures.

> Lack of Financial Resources (cancelled projects, contracts, or savings that lost value)

> Bereavement due to the pandemic

> Accidents

> Poor Health

Artists can choose one of three payout options when applying for funds:

1. Direct Cash Grants: These range between INR 15,000 - 20,000 and are given directly to the applicant, in the form of a cheque or a direct bank transfer.

2. Unpaid utility payments to third parties: Unpaid and urgent bills owed to third parties can be paid off directly, such as to landlords for home / office rent, doctor / hospital expenses, etc. (the applicant must provide copies of bills for reference).

3. Reimbursements: Reimbursements can be provided for a certain class of urgent expenses as noted under utility bills as above.*

* grants for scholarships, loan EMIs and credit card bills cannot be counted under reimbursements.

The maximum award amount under the SAAEF fund is INR 20,000. Grants are capped at this amount in order to offer funds to a wide pool of artists. Further, since the funds can be considered taxable income for artists, the threshold of INR 20,000 accommodates tax reporting regulations.

1. StayIN aLIVE is open to individual artists who are resident citizens of India.

2. The fund will support artists who perform in the following 12 subdomains of live entertainment and pertforming arts: circus, dance, illusion / magic, mime, music, musical theatre, performance arts, puppetry, spoken word, stand-up comedy, storytelling, and theatre.

3. Applicants should have been working and performing for at least 3 years in their chosen field.

4. Applications that provide complete and detailed information in response to the questions will likely have better chances at being deemed eligible.

5. Artists can apply for a second grant after a period of 60 days. Please note that eligibility will be decided on the basis of need against other applicants who may not have received any funds. Application for a third grant may not be possible at this time.

6. In case an applicant is not deemed eligible, the SAAEF team will send an email informing them of such. Applicants who have not received a grant can reapply after a period of 60 days from the date of the original grant.

Artists can apply for funds via these forms

English -

Hindi -

Through this application form, the SAAEF team will be able to verify that the applicant’s emergency fulfills the fund’s eligibility guidelines instead of the applicant needing to make a case for funding.

In your application, please do the following:

1. Tell us about your specific need (rent, medical emergency, critical unpaid utility bills, etc.)

2. Give us some proof of your artistic practice (through photos, videos, articles, social media handles, website links etc.)

3. Share proof of the cancelled income (confirmation of shows, opportunities, project agreements, etc.)

4. Share references of people who can vouch for you.

Review Process:

he applications will be reviewed by a panel drawn from the arts and creative sectors, academic, legal and social impact disciplines, and organisations that are collaborating on StayIN aLIVE.

These will be reviewed every week, and funds released every two weeks.


Successful applicants are notified within 2-4 weeks of applying for the grant. After receiving the grant, the grantee must submit a case use report after 3 months of receiving the grant.

We take the privacy and protection of personal data very seriously and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations and this data protection declaration. All those involved with the selection will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. Every single application will be anonymised and encrypted to ensure applicant data is safe and secure.

For more information on the data that we collect and how we protect your data in this regard, please read our Privacy Policy below for more details.

Additionally, since this form is hosted on the Google Forms service, please also refer to Google’s privacy policy accessible at

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us by addressing an email to StayIN aLIVE’s Grievance Officer, at the following

StayIN aLIVE has collaborated with GiveIndia to support performing artists and other members of the live entertainment industry who have lost all sources of income in this lockdown.

The funds collected will go to only those artists who are most in need of it, after a transparent and thorough evaluation process.

GiveIndia is one of India’s largest and most trustworthy giving platforms for donors. GiveIndia ensures a robust due diligence process, covering certain legal and financial impact checks for each donation made to any non-profit.

All donations made via GiveIndia are tax exempt under Sections 80G of the Income Tax, Act, 1961 as well as Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, and donors receive e-receipts for every donation, allowing them to claim appropriate tax benefits.

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Privacy Policy:

If you have any questions regarding the StayIN aLIVE Artist Emergency Fund, you mail us at or reach out to us on our various social media pages-Instagram | Facebook | Twitter . On the Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us by addressing an email to StayIN aLIVE’s Grievance Officer, at the following mail address: .

Information that StayIN aLIVE collects from an Artist may be considered as personal or sensitive personal data in India.

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) lays down what kind of personal data StayIN aLIVE collects through this form, how such data shall be used, whom it will be shared with, and how it is protected.

A. What personal data does this form collect?

By accessing and/or completing the form, the user gives StayIN aLIVE consent to collect and process the following data (“Artist Information”):

1. Artist’s biography, name, age, gender, date of birth, location, email address, phone number; income information.

2. Technical information such unique device IDs, network connection type; provider, network and device performance browser type; information enabling digital rights management; operating system, and the version of the StayINaLIVE form that an Artist has accessed to avail a grant from the SAAEF.

B. Why do we collect this data?

1. To allow StayIN aLIVE to consider applications for grants from the SAAEF.

2. To comply with legal obligations and requests by law enforcement and also to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims.

3. For marketing, promotional, and advertising purposes only if the Artist has given their consent for the same.

4. To carry out StayIN aLIVE’s obligations arising from any agreements entered into between StayIN aLIVE and the Artist.

5. To understand the Artist’s broad, non-specific geographic location to help StayIN aLIVE identify groups of Artists by general geographic market (such as pin code, state, or country).

C. Sensitive Personal Data

Some of the information that Artists choose to provide to StayIN aLIVE may be considered “sensitive personal data” under Indian law. By choosing to provide this information, the Artist consents to StayIN aLIVE’s collecting and processing of such information.

D. Who does StayIN aLIVE share the Artist Information with?

In addition to sharing the Artist Information with the not-for-profit organisations that StayIN aLIVE is presently associated with, StayIN aLIVE may share the personal data collected through this form with their group companies, subsidiaries and affiliates.

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy and sharing the Artist Information, the Artist consents to sharing of any sensitive personal data with such not-for-profit organizations and/or other third-parties.

Please note that the collection and processing of Artist Information shared with such third-parties shall be governed by their terms and policies, without any recourse to StayIN aLIVE.

E. How does StayIN aLIVE protect the Artist Information?

StayIN aLIVE implements appropriate technical and organisational measures to help protect the security of the Artist Information, and more particularly the personal data contained in such Artist Information. Measures adopted by StayIN aLIVE in this regard include but are not limited to pseudonymisation, encryption, access, and retention policies to guard against unauthorised access and unnecessary retention of personal data in StayIN aLIVE’s systems.

F. Retention and deletion of data:

1. Retention of data: StayIN aLIVE collects and stores the personal data contained in the Artist Information for only as long as it is required to disburse a grant from the SAAEF. In addition to this, StayIN aLIVE may also retain the Artist Information for legitimate and essential business purposes, including but not limited to complying with legal obligations and resolving any disputes that may arise from time to time.

2. Deletion of data: Unless legally allowed or legally mandated to store such data, upon receiving a request from an Artist, StayIN aLIVE will delete all the personal data contained within the Artist Information or anonymise it so that such data is no longer identifiable to an Artist as an individual.